The secure platform for document sharing

DeepBox is a powerful, safe and easy-to-use document sharing platform. By processing, storing, and sharing documents, DeepBox helps you collaborate in a secure and highly automated cloud environment.

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Stop sending, start sharing

Frequent email exchanges and manual data entry are inefficient and leave your data exposed. DeepBox enables effective collaboration through a secure and AI-powered platform.

Secure Swisss cloud storage

The DeepBox solution is ISO 27001:2013-certified and stores your data exclusively in secure Swiss data centres.

Integrates with Abacus and Swiss21

Automated data acquisition and file classification means maximum efficiency when submitting your documents data to Abacus and Swiss21.

AI-powered features streamline your workflows

Automate repetitive tasks and simplify complex processes, making your workflows more efficient while improving accuracy and consistency.

Smart document organisation

When you upload your documents to DeepBox, AI technology and automated processes let you analyse, tag, classify, filter and retrieve your documents faster and more efficiently than ever.

Collaborate in a secure, Swiss cloud-based environment

Email communication and document sharing can be ineffective and can leave your sensitive data unintentionally exposed. With DeepBox, you can securely store, share, and collaborate in a Swiss cloud-based environment. Advanced security measures and encryption protocols ensure the highest level of protection for your information.

Plus, with DeepBox, you and your teams, partners, and clients can access the same data anytime, anywhere, and with complete confidence. Say goodbye to the hassle of version control and the fear of data breaches, and say hello to seamless and secure collaboration with DeepBox.

AI-powered document processing

AI technology recognises text and can capture, analyse, keyword, classify, filter and retrieve data. Automatically, of course. Saving you time and free you up to focus on your core business, not paperwork.

Pay your invoices effortlessly

  1. Upload invoices to DeepBox
  2. Automated document analysis and recognition
  3. One-click processing to make the payment

Quality Trust - Deepbox

Scan documents with your smartphone

Download the DeepBox mobile app and effortlessly transform any paper document into digital format, capturing every last piece of information.

Do you still sign documents by hand?

Sign documents with your legally valid electronic signature

Sign any document with legally valid electronic signature with DeepSign, the advanced electronic signature service natively built on DeepBox. DeepSign meets prevailing EU, Swiss and international standards (SES, AES, QES).

What our clients say

«With Deepbox, our data processing has been significantly optimised. We can upload all documents and Quality Trust can process them efficiently. As an IT service provider, we are thus fully digital according to current standards.»

Elena Izraylevych

«It is amazingly convenient that we can upload all our accounting documents in one place. Afterwards, we have an overview of the current financial situation at all times. Great collaboration.»

Susanne Wagner

«With the support of Quality Trust, we have the certainty that the support is always top guaranteed. We are very satisfied with the pleasant and efficient cooperation as well as the quick processing through DeepBox.»

Joël Sonderegger

Frequently Asked Questions

Quality Trust

As an official DeepBox partner of Abacus, we support enterprises in increasing efficiency through intelligent data processing. Being one of the first providers of DeepBox, we can already draw on experience and provide efficient and customised support.

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Quality Trust

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